Tottenham star already a future England legend? Hmmm…

Since emerging this season as Tottenham Hotspur’s clear top goal-scorer, Harry Kane has received heaps of praise from all quarters within the footballing community, and has thrived as a result of the acclaim. Even those with an irrational dislike of Spurs would certainly be hard pushed to discredit the young star, with the impressive progress the English striker has made in the Premier League admirable.

Over 20 goals in all competitions in 2014/15 is no mean feat whatsoever, but whilst the majority of football fans and pundits alike have congratulated Kane for his seemingly endless goal-scoring exploits, there have been some, albeit rare, claims that the Tottenham no. 18 is been slightly overrated and somewhat overhyped.

Whilst not many agree with such claims, questions are raised… Does Harry Kane deserve his status as a future England hero, or has the rising star in-fact been subject to too much hype across this Premier League season?

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The short answer in this discussion would be to simply say no, Harry Kane has scored the goals, and has rightfully received the expected acclaim for doing so. In the League Cup, Europa League and Premier League combined, the rapidly rising White Hart Lane favourite has proven that he can do the business against most big teams, and on most big occasions. Multiple goals against both title leaders Chelsea, and of course arch North London rivals Arsenal, have developed an already powerful cult-hero status for Kane, who is now seen as the future of Tottenham Hotspur and England.

It seems he can simply do no wrong at the moment. The Spurs academy starlet, who has alas failed to remove himself from his ex-Arsenal youth player status, has been quick on the turn, intelligent with his hold up play, defence-bamboozling with his off-ball runs, and obviously a deadly threat in front of goal. Give Kane even the smallest sniff of an opportunity in the oppositions’ third, and nine times out of ten the White Hart Lane faithful will be seeing the ball fly straight into the back of the net as a result of his efforts.

In the event of Roberto Soldado and Emmanuel Adebayor misfiring for Spurs of late, Harry Kane’s arrival in top-flight football has come at just the perfect time for Mauricio Pochettino.

Although it is always nice to witness a young English star with great potential ahead of him, it remains important to see where Harry Kane’s detractors are coming from. It’s not as if people don’t want the Tottenham talent to do well for both club and country, it’s just the fact that the England national team should be harder to break into than it currently seems to be.

For all the hype and sensation that surrounds the striker, Harry Kane has only just burst onto the scene and showed the type of performances that warrant an England call-up. He has not yet completed one full campaign at a consistently strong level, and as it should certainly take more than that to become England’s next hero. The poor state of our country’s national squad has been subconsciously highlighted as a result of Kane’s form.

England teams of the past, which boasted a whole host of tried and tested Premier League strikers who had earned their place within the national team, would not have been subject to such a revamp in structure on the back of one new player’s emergence. Harry Kane’s recent good spell would never have displaced the likes of Teddy Sheringham, Alan Shearer or Michael Owen in their pomp, which clearly outlines the lack of English striking talent available in today’s game.

Ultimately then, Tottenham’s latest striking sensation deserves all the hype he can get right now. His performances warrant it, and if his goal scoring frequency is anything to go by, we will certainly see a lot more positive things from Harry Kane in the next ten years. However, one good season should never be enough to justify immediate national team status, no matter how promising this young marksman looks set to be. As the England national team is in a desperate state of affairs right now though, perhaps an England call-up for young Harry Kane is currently the only sensible way forward.