Tottenham’s top five dribblers in the Premier League

Tottenham can rightly think of themselves as one of the most exciting attacking outfits in the Premier League. While their forward play might not have quite matched that of Manchester City or Liverpool this season, it’s also been a considerable margin better than what Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal have offered up throughout 2017/18.

An important part of any attack is inevitably ability with the ball at feet – the quality and speed to create chaos by jinking past opposition defenders and accordingly taking them out of the game. Spurs have often been criticised for lacking that kind of player, especially in central areas, and they rather tellingly rank a somewhat unspectacular eighth for dribbles per game in the Premier League this term.

But which of the north London club’s stars are providing that incisiveness to ghost past players? Who are the top dribblers at Tottenham Hotspur? Here’s a rundown of their top five dribblers in the Premier League this season, which certainly includes a couple of surprise names…