Video: Spurs star is a punk rocker with flowers in his hair

Oh Dele Alli, one of the brightest and youngest sparks at White Hart Lane, ever plagued by juvenile acts of yesteryear.

The Tottenham Hotspur midfielder is now one of the Premier League’s most exciting teenage talents, but it wasn’t so long ago he was plying his trade in League One in MK Dons. And it wasn’t so long ago he looked more like an extra from Tracey Beaker than a professional footballer. Exhibit A, courtesy of the man – well, boy – himself:

But it appears this isn’t the only case of an innocent fashion parade in front of a mirror coming back to haunt the now-19-year-old. Doing the rounds on social media this morning is this clip of a young lad – accused of being Dele Alli – recording himself singing that classic one-hit wonder “I wish I was a Punk Rocker” rather badly.

Is that the now fully-fledged England international? The internet seems to think so.

But Sandi Thom’s banger came out in 2005 and was re-released in 2006, meaning Alli would have only been around 10 at the time. Of course, it could have been recorded at a later date. In which case, that song received a much longer shelf life than it ever deserved.