Villas-Boas delighted with Tottenham’s progress

A lack of backing towards AVBWhether Tottenham qualify for the Champions League this season remains to be seen; however most Spurs fans will be satisfied with the progress made under Andre Villas-Boas in his first season at the club.

Villas-Boas accepts that it has been a tough season and it has taken time for the players to adjust to his philosophies; however believes that his style mirrors that of the Tottenham way:

“There are always things to refine. It can be difficult sometimes because the nature of the Premier League means it is driven by passion and emotion, it is a game that can be influenced more by aspects of motivation and mindset than any other league in the world; this is what makes the Premier League the product that it is. So, sometimes it can be difficult to set out your philosophy but like every other team we have had great games and bad games, and games where we should have expressed ourselves better. In the end, however, we have always been recognised as a team that has always been very driven, that wants to score and that is the Tottenham way.”

The Portuguese manager is excited about the growth of the club off the field and believes it gives the club every chance to succeed:

“The growth is continuing and I know that the owner and chairman are very driven in achieving the club’s aim of building a new stadium. I think that this wonderful training ground allows the players to further flourish and develop their game. It also allows us to attract better players; it’s a great environment and a great example to the Premier League.”

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