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What has Harry really done to deserve this?

Football FanCast columnist Roy James feels that is a crying shame that Harry Redknapp won't get the appreciation he deserves at Fratton Park.

Football fans are generally fickle by nature; however there are times when this trait mask's real common sense and an appreciation of what is, right and wrong, I mean let's take Harry Redknapp for example, is there any real reason for Portsmouth fans to show disdain for the man?

I'm not writing this as a Tottenham fan and want to be seen as showing any bias in this piece at all, but if we had a manager that had saved us from the brink of relegation from the Championship and the Premiership, taken my club to Wembley for the first time in over half a century to win the FA Cup, on top of relegating our great rivals and sending them on a path to oblivion, then I would cherish the fella, give the guy a standing ovation for what he achieved for our club and in putting us firmly back on the football map.

I know the majority of Pompey supporters will look at Redknapp as someone who has played some part in the financial plight they found themselves in, but at the end of the day he wasn't the one who was signing the cheques, he was told he could buy certain players, so surely the finger of blame has to point solely at Peter Storrie. It appears that just because he and Harry are mates that he is being found guilty by association, oppose to anything else.

I think it is a crying shame that there is all this talk of Harry needing bodyguards, extra protection as he has every reason to walk tall on Saturday, for all his achievements at the football club. Perhaps that those who chose to boo him should remember what it was like to be a Pompey fan 10yrs ago when they were completely off the footballing radar; you certainly wouldn't have had any Saudi investors then looking to buy a stake in your football club.

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Article title: What has Harry really done to deserve this?

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