Which players do Tottenham fans want to see the back of this summer?

It’s fair to say Tottenham still have a load of dead wood within their squad from their excited little shopping spree with the Gareth Bale money a couple of summers ago.

And having not managed to improve the squad and push in to the top four, it’s time for them to go back to the drawing board and rebuild again.

That means a fair amount of players will be heading out of White Hart Lane this summer, with some reports suggesting up to ten Spurs flops could be axed between now and the beginning of next season.

But who should Mauricio Pochettino send on their merry way at the end if the current campaign, and who deserves another crack at making it work in north London?

Below is a list of Tottenham players that we want Spurs fans to vote on. If you think the player should be sold then give him a thumbs up, and if you think he deserves to stay then give him a thumbs down.

Sound a bit backwards? Well this is a poll to find out which players you agree should be sold this summer, and the ones you disagree should be axed.

So get your votes in below (you can vote on every player) and we’ll reveal the top five players Tottenham fans want to see the back of this summer in a couple of days.

(We’ve not included Harry Kane in the list because we all know fans don’t want see the back of him. He is one of your own, after all…)

The Best Current Soccer Players

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