Why Leicester buying James Maddison is good news for Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur have moved ahead in the race to sign Jack Grealish following Leicester City’s decision to sign James Maddison.

What’s going on here?

Both Grealish and Maddison are hot property in the Championship and a number of Premier League clubs were looking to sign the young English midfielders.

They are both attack-minded midfielders with an eye for a goal and an assist, with both commanding large transfer fees.

Leicester City were interested in both players but have decided to sign James Maddison for a reported £22million.

What does this mean for Spurs?

With one fewer rival to contend with, this gives Spurs an even greater chance of landing their target and could also mean a lower price for Grealish, as the bidding war might not be so intense.

It had been previously reported that Aston Villa wanted £40million for their young talent, but with the money problems going on at the club, it is possible they will sell below this steep asking price.

Either way, it looks like two exciting young English talents could be lighting up the Premier League next season.