Why Tottenham’s boss is getting more than an easy ride

Stoke’s 3-0 victory over Tottenham at the Britannia has all but ended any hopes of Spurs’ finishing in the top five of the Premier League. With only two games to go and both Southampton and Swansea breathing down their necks, there is a genuine chance they could end up as low as eighth.

Mauricio Pochettino took over last summer and hopes were high that he could translate what he had done at Southampton over to North London. Although there have been, at times, signs of life at White Hart Lane this season, they have essentially sleepwalked for the past three months.

With nearly £30m spent last summer, Pochettino has been generally been given quite an easy run. Little pressure has been placed upon the man in charge and it is hoped that Daniel Levy finally tries to see a project through. However, should next season continue in the same vein as this one has ended it is difficult to see how pressure won’t begin to mount on the Argentinian.

The fact that Harry Kane was only really given a run in late autumn last year and is now the talisman shows how little depth there currently is in the Spurs team.

Kane has undoubtedly helped Pochettino this term. Not only has he singlehandedly ensured they have won games but he has taken eyes of his manager. Without the glow of the England striker would eyes be focused on the man in the dugout more intensely?

Of course, this end of season run which has seen them pick up only one win in the last six may end up in the long run being beneficial. With every passing week the chances of Tottenham finishing in the Europa League decreases. So with the real lack of quality in the squad, could avoiding Europe’s second tier competition benefit them next term?

If Tottenham manage to wake themselves up for the last two games this season, they can finish with a maximum of 64 points; some five short of their total from last term and eight behind the total reached by the much maligned Andre Villas Boas. There is little doubt that Tottenham under Pochettino are in danger of going backwards.

This summer, as seems to be the case every year at White Hart Lane, is a huge one; if Tottenham genuinely want to compete at the higher reaches of the Premier League they need to invest, heavily.

The fans still seem to be behind their manager, with the turbulent times at Tottenham in recent years, it seems they are desperate for a period of stability. However, if one viral video that has been doing the rounds is to be believed the Spurs’ fans are less than impressed by what they are seeing from their side.

Pochettino by no means deserves to be sacked, he has established himself a good reputation in management and it seems ridiculous that his job would be under pressure. He must have another summer to build his own side; however in the short term world of football management Totenham need a change of fortunes, fast.

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