Transfer Deadline Day: An Educational Video

Remember those old BBC educational videos at school? Nothing can recreate the universal ecstasy felt as the class caught a glimpse of teacher wheeling in a knackered old television. More often than not, the VHS meant the lesson that you presumed to be fraught with concentration and hand cramp was now a write-off.

It came at a price though; it also meant listening to an incredibly dull voice preach about calcium or copper for an hour. If only the programmes were about something interesting like zinc or transfer deadline day… thankfully Football FanCast has the latter.

This handy video contains everything you need to know about Jim White’s Christmas equivalent. You’ll learn some of Jim’s catchphrases, find out where best to spot a Premier League transfer scoop and uncover essential facts that you never knew before.

The transfer window may divide opinion amongst managers but amongst fans there’s no doubt of the purpose it serves. From drinking games to betting on Jim White’s first cliché  deadline day has become a bi-annual tradition. Aside from being a lot of fun, as the clock ticks this curious event can really play on an individual’s emotions as well.

It serves up joy when your club sign that striker you’ve always dreamed of out of the blue, panic when your hero (who you also named your dog after) is being whisked down the motorway in a blacked out Range Rover and hilarity when you discover who’s drawn the short straw and has to stand outside the Britannia all night.

Of course, Sky Sports News is the spiritual home of deadline day but in an age of iPads, iPhones, personal computers (and for some reason, fax machines in the world of football) there’s nothing stopping you from following the action elsewhere simultaneously.

Football FanCast will be providing breaking news, opinion and humour across on our Transfer Deadline Day LIVE Blog, so be sure to get involved and join the debate below.


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