Tweets reveal dark truth of Manchester United power struggle

Pressure is mounting on Louis van Gaal’s position at Manchester United, but some of the tweets from @RedIssue today have shed light on the dark games played behind closed doors at Old Trafford.

Alex Ferguson continues to lurk behind the scenes like some James Bond baddie and the Class of 92 are looking to create a coup, of sorts, for their ol’ pal Ryan Giggs to take the reigns on a permanent basis.

Ed Woodward is, if Red Issue are to be believed, continuing to prove himself to be as suited to his job as an Easter Egg in in December. The men in power at England’s most successful Premier League club are clearly stringing along Jose Mourinho and risk losing a man who is ‘desperate’ to join the club.

The Glazers run a football club like that mate who will never buy rounds in case he loses out on a couple of quid and it is seeing the Theatre of Dreams being exposed for the boardroom mayhem that belongs at Goldman-Sachs.

Fergie like some sort of dictator out of a Sacha Baron Cohen film.