Twitter erupts as Chelsea drop stat-padding midfielder

Cesc Fabregas has fallen dramatically since starring in the Chelsea title winning side of 2014/15. Assists galore as he orchestrated the midfield with ease, Fabregas looked like the player that had promised so much as a youngster at Arsenal.

Since then, however, he has flopped at Barcelona and endured a grim form drop during the 2015/16 campaign at Chelsea.

Introducing Antonio Conte. Conte is famed for his intense demands on the players, hard-working ethos and staunch defence.

That, simply, is not what Cesc Fabregas can offer a side. He’s a great player to watch, of course, but is a far more languid, luxury-type of player. The Spaniard has been left out of Conte’s first starting XI at the club and it’s caused quite a stir.

Looks like Conte doesn’t care too much for Cesc’s creativity, ey?!

Quite a few people due to ‘deactivate’ after this news. Football Twitter really struggling to come to terms with Conte’s team selection. Tasty.

Just a reminder: Chelsea have not kicked a ball competitively at the point that this tweet was written. Knee jerk reactions as good as they get.

The ability of a football fan to make a verdict before any action never fails to amaze, does it?