Twitter reels from FIFA President’s SHOCK World Cup announcement

In a shock announcement that has stunned the football world, FIFA President Sepp Blatter has suggested that it was a “mistake” to award Qatar with the 2022 World Cup. Speaking to Swiss Channel RTS, the seventy eight year old admitted that the executive committee had ignored the warnings of the “technical report”, which indicated that the country would be “too hot in summer.”

Blatter, who has recently staked his claim for a fifth consecutive term as FIFA’s President, accepted blame but astonishingly defended his actions by stating “one makes a lot of mistakes in life.” It just turns out that some are slightly bigger than others.

Sporting figures and journalists all reacted in “surprise” to Blatter’s admission.

Despite Blatter’s water-tight defence of his actions, football fans on Twitter were critical of FIFA’s President.

As it stands though, there are currently no plans to suggest that the 2022 World Cup will be moved to a more suitable location. But then again, who knew Qatar gets hot in the summer?