Twitter’s reaction to new Liverpool boss’s first game in charge

Jurgen Klopp’s first game in charge of Liverpool was something of a damp squib. Tottenham played their usual 4-2-3-1 pressing game, and were matched up against Liverpool’s new 4-2-3-1 pressing game. The unstoppable force met the immovable object, the pressers met the pressers and there was stalemate.

It was a boring game when were expecting full-throttle game. It was a damp game without too many chances when we were expecting full-on commitment, pressing, counter attacks. We were expecting pure Premier League pantomime, and we got something that was more akin to bed-time theatre, something to relax you after your stressful week.

But on the plus side, we have a Liverpool who are a work in progress with a lot of players out. Klopp is going to take a few more weeks to get his ideas across to the players, and he’s going to have to wait even longer to get some of his first teamers back – with Sturridge, Benteke, Ings and Henderson all out, a draw away to Spurs wasn’t a terrible result.

Here’s the best of social media from the first day of the Jurgen Klopp era!


A new manager and a new style of play, but a new top performance from Simon Mignolet. Surprised? I was!


Gegenpressing from Liverpool, gegenpressing from Spurs – probably the most tiring game in the Premier League. We were all drifting off to sleep anyway.

The two-headed monster?

Irked by the commentary? Here’s how you can make it seem so much better!

Out for some Jurgenbombs after the game?

Some wunderbar banners at Anfield


I feel like we watched more of Jurgen Klopp’s face than goalmouth action today