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USASoccerGuy teaches Americans about goalshots and the disaster sector

USA Soccer GuyFor an average European fan, football is a straightforward concept. It’s a sport where you use your foot to kick a ball. You play it growing up. You support your local club your entire life.

However, things aren’t so clear on the other side of the Atlantic. In the States, football is soccer, or football is a sport where men who tip the scales at more than 20 stone toss around a “pigskin”.

In recent years, European football has captivated the minds of many American soccer fans. In the past decade, American players and owners have become more involved with the Premier League. Currently, five Premier League clubs have American owners.

With the exception of Manchester United, British fans are not surprised to see that American-owned clubs have underachieved. Americans don’t understand football.

Fortunately, there is hope for the Americans. Self-proclaimed “EPL/ World Soccer expert reporter” USASoccerGuy has created a football account specifically tailored to Americans. His account provides expert analysis in terms Americans can understand.

His favourite clubs include Ashtown Vanilla, EverTown, Wes Brown’s Albion and the Queens Power Rangers. He’s constantly keeping his followers updated on Europe’s top players Lion Messy, Goalshot preventer Brad Friedel, and Adam Bayor.

This Twitter account keeps Americans updated on the latest Goal shots, hand denials, and disastersector news with live tweets. Here are some of his live tweets from this past weekend’s action.

Evertown Franchise Club did a 2 to 2 soccer tie at Whitespurs Lane. Adam Bayor kicked the opening goalshot with his foot. ‪#EPL ‪#COYS ‪#EFC

Liver Pool Reds made a tie in their soccer tie with Westside Hammers Franchise Club. ‪#derbyday ‪#epl ‪#soccer ‪#YouNeverWalkAway ‪#LFC ‪#whufc

Shout out to all South Ham Town Saints and Reading Royal soccer fans going to their EPL DISASTER SECTOR DERBY at the Majestic Arena! ‪#EPL

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Article title: USASoccerGuy teaches Americans about goalshots and the disaster sector

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