Want to enjoy St Patrick’s Day like this ex-Man United man?

St Patrick’s Day is here, making it a time to celebrate all that comes from the Emerald Isle. While the Republic of Ireland have not truly been a dominant force in football, the nation have supplied the Premier League with a one-man entertainment show… Roy Keane!

The no-nonsense ex-Manchester United man is one of the true characters of the English game, and while his approach is not always orthodox, he has created some moments all footy fans will remember.

We’re sure he’ll be enjoying the festivities of this special day later, and here’s some advice we thing Keano would dish out…

Don’t take any s***

Keane takes no prisoners, it’s key part of his whole persona. If something’s wrong, he’ll let you know, just like he did with Republic of Ireland manager Mick McCarthy in 2002. According to team-mate Niall Quinn, Keano hit back at his boss with this outburst when criticised in a squad meeting…

“You’re a f****** w*****. I didn’t rate you as a player, I don’t rate you as a manager and I don’t rate you as a person. You’re f****** w***** and you can stick your World Cup up your arse. I’ve got no respect for you. The only reason I have any dealings with you is that somehow you are the manager of my country! You can stick it up your b*******.”

He also hit out at Alan Shearer!

Revenge is a dish best served angrily!

If someone wrongs you, let them know! Man City’s Alf Inge Haaland fell foul of Keane, literally, after the then Man City man had inflicted an injury on the Irishman years before…

“I’d waited long enough. I f****** hit him hard. The ball was there (I think). Take that you c***. And don’t ever stand over me sneering about fake injuries.

“Even in the dressing room afterwards, I had no remorse. My attitude was, f*** him. What goes around comes around. He got his just rewards. He f***** me over and my attitude is an eye for an eye.”

Say it how it is…

Don’t pull any punches… here are some examples of Keane doing just that!

“I don’t think some of the people who come to Old Trafford can spell football, never mind understand it.”

“Sometimes you wonder, do they understand the game of football? They have a few drinks and probably the prawn sandwiches, and they don’t realise what’s going on out on the pitch.”

Let any idiots know they’re idiots

Anyone says something stupid, let them know! As Roy did with Adrian Chiles when debating how much rain constitutes a downpour…

Have a laugh!

At the end of the day, have a good time. Keane can be serious, but even the Irishman had a good laugh when chatting on air with Gareth Southgate about a ‘clash’ the pair had in their playing days

He also chuckled when shooting down Adrian Chiles