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Watch: Five times Paul Merson got it completely wrong

“He’s like a fish up a tree.”

“You can’t bite your nose off to spite your face.”

“Football’s all about yesterday, it’s about now.”

This may surprise you but the aforementioned wisdom was not imparted by the late Kenneth Wolstenholme…

Paul Merson was an entertaining footballer both on and off the field and he’s certainly carried his good form into his television career. Merson (or ‘Merse’ as BSkyB affectionately refer to him as) is good value for a few Mersonisms, which is no bad thing – football can often be at its worst when taken too seriously.

However, when the former Arsenal and Aston Villa man attempts to lay some truth bombs, he often leaves us wondering how he still has a job.

Last year, his explosive rant on Marco Silva threatened to cross into the realms of armchair xenophobia and his weekly score predictions aren’t going to earn him the title ‘Mystic Merse’ any time soon.

From writing off the Premier League’s best player to inadvertently celebrating a Black Eyed Pea, we’ve compiled our top five occasions when Paul got it wildly wrong in the video above.