Watch: Has 7th place become as good as winning a trophy?

In this age of ‘Big 6’ dominance, has finishing in 7th place become as good as winning a trophy for the rest of the Premier League?

That’s the question we posed to the Pl>ymaker FC squad and they certainly didn’t hold back with their answers.

Matt from The Magpie Channel claims that to true fans, there is no difference between finishing 7th, 10th or 17th in comparison to winning a trophy. Then again, that reaction could be expected from a fan of Newcastle who have little hope of finishing 7th or lifting a trophy anytime soon.

United fan Ben Senior argues that the clubs who are battling it out for 7th should refocus their energies on the FA Cup or League Cup but the reality is that the financial benefits of finishing higher in the table seem to be prioritised over the fans’ joy at seeing their club lift some silverware.

But it was Crystal Palace fan Ed Tarlton who dismissed the merits of finishing 7th most strongly by stating quite simply that “professional sport is not about participation, it’s about winning.”

Check out the lively debate in the video above.