West Ham missing cosy Boleyn ground as they travel north

The Boleyn ground is like a snuggly warm duvet, rocking the hammers to sleep amidst a wave of notoriously vociferous chanting, the underlying threat of violence and gloriously out of place bubbles.

Unfortunately, Bilic’s side are having their collective bubble burst whenever they venture out of the cosy Boleyn Ground.

What could the move to the Olympic stadium mean for the Hammers’ performances?

The distance of the fans from the pitch, the loss of the years of history and the uprooting of such a huge club could see the bubble implode.

Their dreams will fade like the cup they are playing in this afternoon. That vociferous chanting and underlying threat of violence could turn into a cavernous, echoing empty stadium and the underlying threat of relegation.

The hopes of a top six finish this season have relied solely on the home comforts of the Boleyn, now each trip out of their East London home is met with withdrawal symptoms like the hunt for your final 2am jagerbomb.

Maybe the poor form on the road is because no one wants to bunk with Slaven..