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Allardyce’s top TEN transfer shortlist for West Ham United?

It’s coming to that stage of the year where trying to find something to do on a weekend is going to become a regular thing.

And with no World Cup or Euro competitions to look forward to this summer, what exactly do we have to keep us entertained in the coming months?

You could don an item of knitwear and stand in a field for numerous hours with the, albeit temperamental, sun baring down on you.

That is however as dull as it sounds, with the only slight perks of the job being the amazing lunch you get at half time, or at least I think it’s called half-time…

There is of course a Rugby League World Cup this year.

That will probably appeal to those of us that like a traditional media build up to a Three Lions squad competition before the ultimately inevitable painful exit of an England squad.

Well, I don’t know about you, but my heart can only take a painful England exit every other year, otherwise I’d be likely to slip into permanent depression, so that crosses Rugby off my list.

Other than that you could spend a few weeks of your summer sitting on Henman Hill, cheering on Andy ‘Charisma’ Murray with strawberries in hand.

You could clear the moth balls off your suit, shine your shoes, and get down to Royal Ascot to cheer on the nags.

Or, you could even buy tickets to this summer’s premier angling competition, ‘Fish-o-Mania’.

I know, I know, none of these really compare to the feeling you get half way through the week when you know football day is just a few sleeps away.

So if none of those options really get your pulse racing, than why not just wait for the new season to commence by following the transfer window’s ins and outs.

You can keep up with the window by following various media outlets or ITK’S (In the knows.)

I however wouldn’t recommend following ITK’s on social media platforms, they’re generally 14-year old boys, and following little boys is generally frowned upon, that is unless you used to work for the BBC.

I  personally have already reached transfer window mode, and have compiled a top 10 transfer targets for West Ham below.

They are in no particular order, so feel free to comment, condone, or bemoan my choices.

Click on Andy Carroll to start the countdown and get your transfer fix

Andy Carroll

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Article title: Allardyce’s top TEN transfer shortlist for West Ham United?

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