Can you name every permanent West Ham United manager ever?

These are exciting times to be a West Ham fan. Moving from the Boleyn Ground is a traumatic experience, but when Irons fans see their swanky new home, they can be forgiven for hoping to move onwards and upwards.

The Hammers are growing in stature every month, it seems, and with all of the progress happening at the club, regular European football is a possibility if not already a reality from this season on.

As West Ham look to build upon their recent success with their move to a new stadium, with a new club badge and vast new possibilities to grow the club as a business as well as a football team, it won’t be a surprise to see the Hammers grow from strength to strength.

But how well do you know the club? And specifically, how well do you know every permanent manager they’ve ever had? If you do know them all, does that make you a super fan? And if you’re not even a West Ham fan, does that just make you a freak?

Take our quiz and see how many you can name!

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