Cheap as chips… West Ham’s ticketing still gets Twitter backlash

Ticket prices are a gripe among football fans at every level. Often the pain clubs put supporters through outweighs the ecstasy, and to see our beloved teams in action, hard earned coin has to be parted with. Nowhere on the planet does the coast of spectating out-do the Premier League, with prices to get through the turnstile rocketing on a yearly basis, despite the massive amounts of cash swilling around in the top tier.

So, it’s refreshing to see West Ham going about things a little differently, with their 2016 move to the Olympic Stadium set to coincide with a massive drop in season ticket fees. As reported by the Daily Mail, the lowest price for every home Premier League game is just £289, which falls below the cheapest current figure – Stoke’s £294. Further to this, U-16s will be able to pay just £99, while a family of four can see all 19 games at the Olympic Stadium for just £776. Not bad!

However, there’s been plenty cynicism and ‘banter’ on Twitter, and here are some of the comments floating around. Some people will never be happy!