Five things more interesting than West Ham v Sunderland

West Ham and Sunderland played out what had to be one of the more pointless periods of 90 minutes in human history.

In light of this crime against football, here are FIVE things more interesting than today’s game:

1) Your Mate’s Ex

It’s was difficult enough to pretend you cared when they were together, but now they’ve broken up, it’s impossible to stop your eyes from glazing over when your mate’s ex comes up in conversation.


2) Deforestation

A whole field of study dedicated to there being ‘fewer trees’. Mental


3) The Hop content of your beer

No one wants to know about the best beer you’ve had in the last three months and what bar you got it in. Go home and stop ruining drinking for everyone.


4) The EU Commision

What’s happens there? No one knows. More importantly, no one cares.

Session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg

5) Other People’s Dreams

“I had this dream last night and-” *leaves room*