Garth Crooks makes simply awful West Ham claim

Garth Crooks has made the absolutely absurd claim that West Ham United could win the Premier League if they imagined that they were playing Tottenham Hotspur every week, per the BBC.

What’s he said?

Manuel Pellegrini’s side became the first away team to win at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Saturday.

The Irons won 1-0, thanks to a superb Michail Antonio volley in the second half.

And Crooks, writing in his BBC column, believes that the Hammers would win the Premier League title if they approached every game like they were playing their London rivals.

He said:  If West Ham approached every game as though they were playing Tottenham Hotspur, they would win the Premier League title.

“What is it with these London clubs. Why do they hate Tottenham so much?”

West Ham moved into 11th place in the Premier League table with their victory.

Have to hope he’s joking

Crooks has a habit of coming out with the absolutely ridiculous and he’s at it again here.

To claim that West Ham could win the Premier League title in any context is flat out ridiculous but to do so after a win over a beleaguered Spurs side who are struggling with a boatload of injuries is hyperbole in the extreme.

Perhaps he was joking, but let’s not forget that the Hammers are currently 46 points behind Manchester City at the top of the league. To put that into context, West Ham have taken exactly 46 points this season. They are only 32 points ahead of bottom-placed Huddersfield Town.

Even if it was a joke, it does not reflect at all well on a man who is paid to give his opinions on football.

Crooks ought to start doing his research and stop spouting absolute nonsense, joke or not.