Pundit view: Redknapp lives up to ‘proper football man’ image with West Ham assertion

Harry Redknapp claims modern players are to blame for West Ham United’s failings, per the Daily Star.

The Hammers have been in inconsistent form this season and sit ninth in the Premier League table, having won two and lost two of their last four outings.

What’s he said?

Redknapp believes that there is a lack of “love” for the club among modern players.

Indeed, he claims he does not know “half the players there anymore”, before veering perilously close to dangerous territory by claiming the club is filled with “foreign imports”.

Asked about why West Ham have been flattering to deceive, he told the Star: “It’s hard to put your finger on it, I don’t know. It’s a difficult one, I don’t know who the characters are, who the leaders are at the football clubs. It’s a changing world.

“I’ll be honest I don’t even know half the players there anymore [at West Ham]. They seem to have lots of foreign imports in and then go.

“[Mark] Noble’s the only one I really find I can relate to there, he’s a West Ham boy through and through. He’s a massive part of the club.

“It’s a changing world, I look back all them years ago when everybody at West Ham came from within four or five miles of the ground. It’s all local boys, all love the club, want to play for the club.

“Now players tend to go and drift off. It seems every time we get a real player, we get [Dimitri] Payet, he comes and then suddenly he wants to leave.”

Proper football man

Redknapp is perhaps the last bastion of proper football men.

His claim that West Ham’s squad is filled with foreign players who care little about the club should give you some idea about which way he voted in the Brexit referendum of 2016.

This is an old-fashioned belief that has precious little tethering to reality.

Manchester City, for example, had four main English players last season: Kyle Walker, John Stones, Raheem Sterling and Fabian Delph.

There were, by comparison, the same amount of Brazilian players. City picked up 100 points.

West Ham are not expecting to do that, of course, but Redknapp is merely disguising a lack of research behind a nationalistic ideal that no longer holds up in 2019.

Quite frankly, he’s wrong.