The top 10 most valuable players currently at West Ham

In today’s game, there is so much talk and speculation surrounding what players are actually worth.

Some will argue that a player is only worth what another club is prepared to for him but it’s difficult justify that when said player never goes on to justify such a fee.

West Ham have been the victim of that theory on several occasions in the past, it could even be argued as recently as the summer transfer window just gone, but they’re certainly not the only ones and definitely won’t be the last.

The Hammers have been very vocal in their attempts to progress to the proverbial next level in recent years, their new stadium as been the cornerstone of such ambition, which means they’ll need the personnel┬áto ensure it’s possible on the pitch.

West Ham do have a good squad, even if they haven’t been on form so far this season, but are they worth and have West Ham got their money’s worth from their ten most valuable players right now?

We’ve taken a look at to find out who their most valuable players are in terms of market value and looked in to whether they exceed the transfer fee paid for them or not.

Be prepared for a few surprises in here, as some would say these players are seriously undervalued…