West Ham fans don’t understand Moyes’ criticism of Manuel Lanzini

West Ham United fans have been left confused and angered by David Moyes’ substitution and subsequent criticism of attacking midfielder Manuel Lanzini.

The Hammers were thrashed 4-1 by Manchester City at the London Stadium on Sunday, with Lanzini hooked in the 66th minute by Moyes.

While Lanzini wasn’t having his best afternoon, he was no worse than many West Ham players and the fact he was taken off was a decision booed by supporters, with the home side needing goals to get back into the match.

After the match, Moyes explained his decision.

As quoted by The Evening Standard, he said: “Everybody should look at the fourth goal, and then they’ll maybe see why. The players here have got to understand, we play players to keep the ball, to defend. Manu had a great chance to keep the ball for us and we end up losing the fourth goal for it. But hey, no problem – it happens.”

Fans though aren’t accepting the fact he’s singled out the Argentinian, believing the manager should be looking at his own tactics and decisions when analysing the match and apportioning blame.

Has the Scottish manager been unfair to Lanzini or is he spot on in his assessment?

Supporters took to Twitter to share their thoughts…