West Ham fans hail David Moyes “Impressive” following first West Ham press conference

Brutal. Just one way of summing up the reaction from both fans and pundits alike when it was announced that David Moyes was the new manager of West Ham United.

For many, it seems like a really bizarre appointment given the 54-year-old’s immense lack of success at his previous three clubs.

And like a lamb to the slaughter, David Moyes made his way up to a stage in front of the press on Wednesday afternoon, in what could have been a total bloodbath.

However, the Scotsman surprised a number of people with his eloquence, optimism and astuteness in his answers. Swatting back any loaded questions that were put to him by a baying crowd of journalists, Moyes stood strong and actually produced some perfectly balanced responses.

After over 48 hours of head scratching, foot stamping and understandable tears, West Ham fans were the first to speak of their admiration for how their new manager handled his first West Ham press conference. Perhaps its not all doom and gloom after all…