West Ham named as highest ranked bidder for Olympic Stadium

Olympic StadiumWest Ham United have announced that they have been chosen as the LLDC’s Highest-Ranked bidder for the use of the Olympic Stadium.

The Premier League club have made it their number one priority to secure a move to the Olympic Stadium well before it was finished being built for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

And the club’s owners, David Gold and David Sullivan, have always insisted that the move would be in both the club’s and the city’s best interests.

A statement on the West Ham’s official website reads: “West Ham United are extremely pleased to be announced as the Highest-Ranked Bidder to be the anchor concessionaire of the Olympic Stadium –  a decision that guarantees a true and lasting legacy for east London and the best possible outcome for the British taxpayer.

“We commend the LLDC and its Chair, Boris Johnson, for their vision in appointing West Ham as Highest-Ranked Bidder. In doing so, London is well on the way to being able to showcase yet another major destination and visitor attraction in the Olympic Park, further strengthening the capital’s place on the global map.”

The move, which is not expected to happen until at least August 2015, is one that the club feels can not only improve the club’s stature, but can also create employment opportunities within the area.

“We are already working with key strategic partners to ensure that unemployed east Londoners in key target groups will have access to sustainable employment in the Olympic Park via the 700-plus job opportunities that West Ham’s tenancy will create,” West Ham’s vice-chairman Karen Brady says in the statement.

“We guarantee millions of visitors and customers, which will galvanise the Park and act as the catalyst to spark a thriving economy in this part of east London.”

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