West Ham owner would welcome investment

West Ham co-owner David GoldWest Ham co-owner David Gold has revealed he would welcome investment from someone wealthy enough to give the club an opportunity to compete with the Premier League‘s elite.

West Ham’s bid to move into the Olympic Stadium is the first sign that the club are exploring ways in which the club can grow and begin competing with the top-flight’s big clubs.

And Gold has admitted that, although he and fellow co-owner David Sullivan do not have the funds required to compete with billionaire owned clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City, he would welcome some who can help the club step up to the next level.

He told the Daily Mirror: “You have to be a billionaire to make a major difference and there are not many of them about.

“In an ideal world, though, if you ask what I would like to see happen, I would like a very wealthy person to come and join us. David and I and wealthy by normal standards, but not by football standards.

“We would be reluctant to sell the whole football club because we feel a great part of it. It has taken us a lifetime to earn enough money to return to our roots and we will not give that up lightly. We are doing our best but it would be much easier if there were three of us.”

And Gold believes the move to the Olympic Stadium would attract the sort of investment every club craves.

“To grow the club, fingers crossed to get to the Olympic Stadium, would change our whole image, would help us attract better players,” he added

“But it all boils down to income and we have to generate more income.”

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