What Twitter made of ‘bus gate’ as Man United bus attacked outside of West Ham groudn

The final game at the Boleyn Ground got off to a rocky start this evening as the Manchester United team bus was attacked on its way into the stadium.

As a result, the 19:45 kickoff time as pressed back until 8:30 and sections of the support have been condemned on social media.

Clearly, the events are no laughing matter and it is very lucky no further damage was done.

Still, users on Twitter have rather predictably found some rather amusing reactions to the hostile events outside Upton Park.

Now the game is underway and there are no reports on any serious repercussions, we can at least look on some of the quips on social media in a relatively light hearted matter.

That’s not to justify the actions of some supporters in the slightest, though users have jabbed and jibed at both sides ahead of tonight’s emotional affair.

So, here’s how Twitter saw bus gate this evening.