What’s the most daunting Premier League away ground to go to?

Manchester City's stadium - the EtihadOften synonymous with being the noisiest away grounds to visit, there are some away days where even the most hardcore of fans may feel nervous about attending.

It enhances the atmosphere, sure, to have loud opposition fans intimidating your team by howling with every misplaced pass or defensive slip-up on the field, but sometimes there are grounds where the home support is so strong that you cannot see a positive result for your side.

There are certain teams in the Premier League with such strong home records that the visiting fans will feel there is no chance of claiming any points on the day, and that they should just enjoy the day out and hope their team might scrap a point out of a tough fixture.

Is this what makes certain away days so intimidating – the tough game ahead due to the home team’s amazing home match statistics? Or is it the fervent home support in fine voice?

Manchester City are yet to lose a match at the Etihad Stadium since December 2010, Chelsea are current champions of Europe, Manchester United are the most successful English club of all time, Liverpool is one of the most historic clubs in the league, Stoke have a great record against the toughest teams at home – there are a number of teams with plenty of reasons to worry visiting fans on matchday.

Away trips to many stadiums in the Premier League may seem a daunting prospect, so we at FootballFanCast want to know which particular trip you find the most intimidating.

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