Which Premier League team has the ‘whiniest’ home fans?

Manchester United's stadium Old TraffordThe English Premier League boasts some of the world’s greatest and most historic football clubs.

But with that tradition of club greatness also comes one of great fans and supporters. With some of the biggest followings in the world and in their home country, the Premier League has fans who are without a doubt some of the world’s best, if not greatest, fans. However, this can have an ugly side. Sometimes standards at these high-flying clubs can be so sky-high that home fans become disgruntled and disappointed when a particular game isn’t going their way. Some would say these fans are spoilt and should be more realistic – but it’s just another mark of supporting a highly successful club. Is the problem that these supporters are living the past and are upholding standards of seasons long gone? Or are these supporters simply expecting too much from their team? The reasons for fans have a good old moan can be myriad, but we at FootballFanCast want to know which set of home fans you think are the whiniest.

Which ground have you been to where you’ve felt let down by the opposition fans, who seem more interested in complaining than getting behind their team and boosting their fighting spirit? If you’ve travelled a long way to see your team play in the Premier League, a disappointing atmosphere from home fans can really disrupt the feel-good factor of following your team up and down the country. It’s always good to face opposition who are struggling for morale, but nothing can beat the intensity of a tough away game with a riveting home crowd in fine voice.

So, which Premier League team do you feel has the whiniest home fans? – CAST YOUR VOTE BELOW!

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