Who has the best away fans – Arsenal or Tottenham?

The way in which a football club’s away support is judged has become more of a thing than ever before in recent years.

It’s a respect thing, more so than if you’ve got a good bunch of home supporters. If your travelling fans develop a reputation for being being good then your club automatically becomes a lot more respected by the neutrals. How many times have you heard someone down the pub say, “I don’t mind [insert football team], they’ve got a great bunch of away fans.” Yep, thought so.

This is even more relevant when two rivals go head-to-head over the course of the season. Away fans try and out do each other as they strive to become the ‘best away fans’ in the country.

Take Arsenal and Tottenham, for instance. Their respective ‘home support’ aren’t exactly up there as the best in the world, far from it, but both teams tend to have a much louder, more passionate set of away fans who travel all over Europe to support their team.

But out of the two bitter North London rivals, who has the best set of away supporters? Vote below.