Why Premier League clubs should remain Keane on Robbie

Few players can boast the experience or goal scoring record that Robbie Keane has managed in the Premier League. Having represented six different clubs in England’s top division over a thirteen year spell, his move to LA Galaxy in the MLS may have proven to be a waste of the Irishman’s talent.

A player with his proven quality at the age of still only 31 is surely still more than capable of doing a job in England. Whereas the MLS has proven to be a retiring haven for those past the pace of the Premier League, such as Thierry Henry, David Beckham and Juan Pablo Angel; Keane’s emergence in The US doesn’t prove to be indicative of where he is at career wise.

Having spent two months back in England earlier this year in the form of a loan move at Aston Villa, three goals in six appearances proved a respectable return for a player whose career at Tottenham rather petered out after his spectacular rise to prominence in North London. After his spell at Villa Park, the 31 year old announced his willingness to return there this summer should the opportunity arise.

There in underlines why Keane’s presence stateside simply doesn’t do him justice. He clearly has the hunger as well as the capabilities to become a top goal scorer in England once again. Whilst his fall from grace since falling out of favour at White Hart Lane was quite spectacular, one move back to England could see him performing admirably at the top level once again.

Take a club just promoted for example, to stabilise themselves in the Premier League many look to experienced players who have proven themselves in the top division in the past; and traditionally it has faired them well. A move to a newly promoted team would do Robbie Keane more justice should he rekindle his rich goal scoring vein he enjoyed throughout his 13 years in the Premier League – an ambition he is more than able to fulfil.

Some may highlight Keane’s poor form after his big money move to Liverpool, or later on his failure to keep West Ham in the Premier League in a disappointing loan move, but the fact remains he has proven enough himself enough to at least be a transfer punt worth taking for any team inEngland, even in the top flight.

Enjoying a much coveted career already, his move to America leaves him somewhat fallen by the wayside, when at 31 years old he is still competent enough to produce talent worthy of one of Europe’s top stages. Whether he be a transfer punt or a well thought out summer signing, Robbie Keane does not need to let his career peter out in the MLS just yet.