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Why Al should give Tottenham an offer they can’t refuse

Football FanCast guest columnist Colin Sutton feels that Al-Faraj should give Tottenham an offer that he can't refuse, to bring O'Hara in on a permanent basis.

After months of anxiety, broken promises and a brief stint at the helm by the poorest Arab ever known, Pompey fans are finally in a position to relax, show some optimism at last and more importantly look to plan for the future.

Despite the bogus statements that were made in the week, Al-Faraj has confirmed that he is extremely committed to the club and intent on building us up to once again to become a force in the Premier League. Whether we can achieve this with Paul Hart at the helm, I have my doubts, but it is nice to know that the investment is there to improve on the squad and replace some of the temps that were simply brought in to make up the numbers. It is time to rebuild the football club again, starting in midfield and the first deal that Al-Faraj needs to attempt to strike is to make the O'Hara deal a permanent one.

It was gracious to hear Harry Redknapp claiming that he'll look to help us out with O'Hara and let him remain on loan until the end of the season if need be and I know this was said with the condition that Spurs must have adequate cover, but if the rumours are to be believed and that Harry is looking to bring Sandro to White Hart Lane in January, then it would seem that the condition will have been met and we will retain his services. There is no question that O'Hara wants to stay, given what he has said recently in reports, so why don't we go a step further and give Tottenham they can't refuse in January; I mean they hardly need him when they have Palacios, Jenas Huddlestone, Modric and Kranjcar. A decent offer would bolster Harry's transfer funds and surely make him contemplate allowing him to leave.

O'Hara has been an absolute breath of fresh air at the football club, a player that has the ability to not only stick the boot in, but can play a bit as well. What I like about him is that he is someone who has been prepared to run through a brick wall for the cause and is a real heartbeat in the team and inspires those around him, which is exactly what we need. Wholehearted footballers are few and far between, and where you might have thought that coming in on loan he may have been put off with the situation he found himself in, considering the state the club has been in during the past few weeks, he hasn't shirked any of his responsibilities and has been the hardest working footballer on the pitch since he arrived.

The big question therefore remains as to whether Harry will be prepared to sell him? I'm sure there is a part of Jamie that would still want a crack at Spurs, but on the same token he isn't stupid enough not to realise that he could be missing out on the opportunity of regular football, by taking that risk, therefore it is perhaps in his best interest to remain at Fratton Park. O'Hara mentioned a few weeks back that the prospect at staying at Portsmouth is one that he would certainly consider and I just wonder if we were to offer a permanent deal in January whether it would tempt him to make the move and subsequently force Tottenham's hand.


Article title: Why Al should give Tottenham an offer they can’t refuse

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