Will Newcastle’s Wally avenge what almost killed him against West Ham

Tonight’s meeting between West Ham and Newcastle has a pretty interesting twist to it already.

We all remember that fateful night at Wembley when Bilic’s Croatia beat McClaren’s England to prevent the Three Lions from qualifying for Euro 2008.

It was, of course, the night McClaren came to be known as the ‘Wally with the Brolly’ after the former Middlesbrough boss stood in the pouring rain on the sidelines holding an umbrella and a coffee as he oversaw a pathetic, whimpering performance from his England players.

Bilic, on the other hand, was out there with a beanie hat on, constantly barking orders at his players for the entire 90 minutes. Bilic’s Croatia came out on top while McClaren was sacked the following day.

And the two managers will meet again for the first time since that November night in 2007 when their respective Premier League sides go head-to-head in east London tonight.

McClaren admits that infamous loss to Bilic “almost killed” him. Bilic insists the criticism the Magpies boss got in the aftermath was unfair.

But who will come out on top tonight?