Rangers & Celtic can only progress if they join the Premier League – ex-Scotland star

Former Rangers player and manager Graeme Souness believes the future of both Old Firm clubs should lie in the English Premier League.

The former Liverpool midfielder believes the global game as it is today means both Rangers and Celtic should not worry about playing football away from their native Scotland and they should look south in order to capitalise on the growing interest from Asia.

Talking to the Daily Record, the 62 year old explained:

“If Rangers and Celtic were in it today, the stadiums would not be big enough.

“Can you imagine Man United, Arsenal and Liverpool coming up to Glasgow? I pray it will happen one day. We talk about the global game now. They are two ridiculously good football clubs stuck up here. How far can they go in the present set up? You won’t attract the very best players while they’re in Scotland.

“I don’t think the chance has gone. Look at where the Premier League has gone in the last 15 years. It’s been like a snowball effect. It’s gathering snow as it goes down the hill, getting bigger and bigger.

“And it’s way from being finished. When it really catches on in India and China, it’s going to get even bigger. It’s only a matter of time. And it would be great if the Old Firm could be part of that. Would it kill Scottish football? In life, people talk about globalisation. It’s a fact, it’s not a dream.”

Souness does believe, however, that it would take another re-organisation of the English top flight for there to be any chance of both Old Firm clubs joining the Premier League as one of the major stumbling blocks to any move currently is that all 20 Premier League clubs would have to agree to it.

Something which is unlikely ever to happen as the 20 clubs would see any move to expand the top flight as reducing their share of TV revenues.