Sutton tells Celtic to appoint Neil Lennon permanently

Celtic fans are desperate to find out who will be in charge at Parkhead come the beginning of next season, and Chris Sutton thinks they should give the job to Neil Lennon.

It’s been a couple weeks now since Lennon replaced Brendan Rodgers at Celtic, and the dust has finally settled.

The Bhoys look a dead cert to win yet another league title as they chase ten in a row, and Lennon has proven that he was the perfect choice to take over at such short notice.

Looking ahead to next season though, there are plenty of discussions over who should take the helm, as Lennon is technically only at the club on an interim basis.

Sutton shared his view on the matter prior to Rangers’ match against Hibernian on Friday night.

What did he say?

“I actually think that he’s been there before, he knows the club well, they should appoint Neil as manager,” Sutton told BT Sport.

“If they don’t, it’s all going to be up in the air, Champions League qualifiers round again, big overhaul needed, and they have to start planning now. You have to start planning now.

“If they’re not going to appoint him now, they bring someone else in in the summer, it’s a mess.”

Short-sighted from Sutton?

Sutton’s final point is a poignant warning to Celtic, as the summer transfer window could be a complete and utter disaster if they take too long deciding on a new manager.

However, the club is always looking to go forward, as they were when they brought Rodgers to the club in the first place, and appointing a former manager like Lennon simply won’t allow them to do that.

Lennon was the right choice to take over on an interim basis, but the Bhoys should not settle for domestic dominance, and hiring Lennon would be to do just that.

As long as they sort the switch quickly at the start of the summer, allowing the new boss plenty of time to work with and transform his squad, the Hoops should ignore Sutton’s verdict on this one.