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Why are Football Derbies so Competitive?

Football derbies, where two local teams play against each other for a friendly or as part of a league, have the reputation of being some of the most competitive matches you will ever see. Derby matches can see anger on both the players and the fans’ parts, as well as some of the best football you will ever see. Even the World Cup is nowhere near the level of competitiveness the average derby match will produce. Let’s take a look at why derbies get their supporter’s blood pumping.

The Fans Are as Excited as the Players

When it comes to derby matches, the supporters probably have some sort of emotional investment in the match. A derby match is quite often played at their home stadium allowing them to tap into the fervour of matches which have been played previously. You don’t need to be a regular at a casino engaged in a game such as Champions Cup to bet that sitting in seats that have seen plenty of victories will help people feel excited about what they are about to witness.

The opposing team are also quite often disliked due to some reason similar to what we discussed above. Woe betide any player who steps onto the pitch having played for one side of a derby and then transferred to another; supporters will remember it and will consider the transfer to be a betrayal.

Factors like this whip the fans into a frenzy of name-calling and football shouts which further incentivises the players. If you are wanting to see some world-class football played, you only need to go to a derby match. The way the fans egg their favourite players on is something which you will only experience there.

It’s About More Than Football

Football rivalries are often born out of something which runs a lot deeper than football. Let’s take one of the most notorious football rivalries as an example; the Old Firm. The Old Firm is a rivalry between the Glaswegian teams of Celtic and Rangers, and it stems partly from sectarianism with Catholics traditionally supporting Celtic and Protestants usually rooting for Rangers.

Political motivations are also common. Real Madrid and Barcelona represent their own cities respectively, with Barcelona also stepping up to represent Catalonia while Madrid represents the rest of Spain. Tensions have been high between these states for a long time and football is just one place where they meet. With so much history and emotion hanging over teams when they face each other, it is little wonder why they bring their all when they step out onto the pitch.

The Beautiful Game

Football brings people together in ways we truly don’t understand. If you are searching for the perfect example of why people love football so much, just look at a derby match. The competitiveness which drives these matches is a spectacle that has to be beheld to be believed. See if any of your local teams have an upcoming derby match and tune in or buy a ticket to see the beautiful game played at its best!

Article title: Why are Football Derbies so Competitive?

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