Joey Barton’s top three moments of madness – agree?

Like him or loathe him, you’ve got to admit, Joey Barton is a player that always offers a talking point.

Whether you’re with your mates down the pub or at the game itself, he’s an individual that is always dividing opinion and most of the time, its for the wrong reasons. There are many that really think he’s a solid midfielder and they’re probably right but unfortunately, we hear more bad than good.

And most recently, the Scouse rebel has been in the headlines again, this time for his over-the-top criticism of Rangers’ performance in their crushing Old Firm loss. He clashed with Gers favourite Andy Halliday and as a consequence, he’s been told to stay away from the club for a number of weeks.

Whether that’s his short spell in Scotland wrapped up already is yet to be seen but its difficult to see the former Newcastle man impressing too many after this most recent outburst.

But it’s not the first time you’ve upset someone is it, Joey?

Here’s our top three Joey Barton moments of madness…

Clash with Jamie Tandy

Unfortunately for young Jamie Tandy, he’s probably best known for his clash with Barton at a Christmas party during his time with Manchester City in 2004. Barton stubbed out a lit cigar in the face of the youngster and was ordered to pay four weeks salary as a punishment.

Tandy also sued Barton and won further damages as a result. Shocking behaviour and a real start to the controversies we’ve come to expect from the veteran midfielder.

Clash with Ousmane Dabo

Probably one of his most well-known misdemeanors, this is the act that really put Barton on the map for being a thoroughly unpleasant chap. Back in May 2007, Barton was involved in a training-ground incident with Ousmane Dabo which left him needing hospital treatment.

Barton was given a four month suspended prison sentence for assault and was banned for twelve games too. And he had a pretty hefty fine – not one of your finest moments, Joey.

Handing Manchester City the title

Joey Barton Manchester City
Our top Joey Barton moment of madness helped former side Manchester City to that famous Premier League title. He elbowed Carlos Tevez before attempting to headbutt City captain Vincent Kompany as he was ushered off the pitch as his side surrendered a lead to give City a 3-2 win at the Etihad.

It’s pretty ironic that Barton was part of City’s success, despite being on the opposing side. It’s one of the worst moments of his career but by this time, it was behaviour we’ve been used to seeing.