Neil McCann blasts Bruno Alves for challenge on Craig Wighton

As reported by The Daily Mail, Dundee manager and former Rangers star Neil McCann has blasted Bruno Alves for a challenge on Craig Wighton during the clash between the two sides on Saturday.

The Light Blues dominated the Scottish Premiership match-up at Ibrox, winning 4-0, but Dundee boss McCann believes Alves was lucky to stay on the pitch after an incident just two minutes after the Portuguese came on as a substitute.

It involved Craig Wighton, who is just recently returning to action after a cruciate ligament injury. The 20-year-old attacked was scythed down by Alves, who was booked for the challenge.

As quoted by The Daily Mail, a fuming McCann said:

I have to say that was a disgusting challenge from Alves – a joke.

I’ve got a boy who’s just returning from a cruciate ligament and that’s a scissor action.┬áIt is almost thigh-high.

I am furious with it. It is a yellow card, could easily have been red in my mind. I did an interview the other day when I said the game is not too tough but I am all for protection.

It was a shocking challenge.

Strong words indeed from the former Gers winger, who won nine trophies with the club in the late 1990s/early 2000s.

The incident comes after a number of high profile red cards in the Scottish Premiship recently, such as the one dished out to Andrew Davies last week, who was condemned after he flew into a heavy challenge on Celtic captain Scott Brown.

The Scottish game has a reputation for being hard hitting, perhaps to its benefit on occasion, but nobody likes to see players out for lengthy periods of times and although Wighton was ultimately unscathed, it’s not surprising to see his manager seek protection for him in the weeks and months to come.