Think you know Arsenal? How much did each first team player cost?

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How much did Arsenal pay for Nicolas Pepe?

So here we go sports fans: do you really think you know how much each Arsenal player cost?

While we’re fairly positive that you don’t consciously pride yourself on knowing how much your good friend Stan Kroenke and his predecessors bought each and every player in your first-team squad, it’d be a nice little boost if you knew you could.

Picture it now. You walk into the pub after a long days work. You’ve taken the Football FanCast ‘Think you know Arsenal? How much did each first-team player cost’ quiz during your lunch break or, depending on whether you’re an office cowboy or not, during the working day.

You sit down with your chosen beverage in hand, with your fellow Arsenal peers beside you. They nod, you nod back. Then before they can take another sip of their stale pint, you swipe the drinks from the table, stand upon it and like a town crier and announce that you achieved *almost* full marks.

Your friends gasp; the rest of the pub stand up and applaud. You’re given free drinks for the rest of your life, and from that point you become the designated quizmaster.

When your north London comrades need to know anything about Arsenal, they come to you. If they want to buy a ticket to the match, they must ask your permission first – the same goes for any concessions bought at the Emirates.

BBC Sport call you to doublecheck they’ve got the fee correct and the tabloids have ceased to exist because there’s no such thing as fake news anymore. You are Marlon Brando, you are the Godfather.

Just to be clear, we do not recommend you do any of those things, and eternal glory probably doesn’t await you if you manage to achieve full marks. The quiz will, however, kill at least ten minutes of your day and who doesn’t want that?

Article title: Think you know Arsenal? How much did each first team player cost?

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