Liverpool academy graduates: 25 questions for real fans only

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How many academy graduates were in Liverpool's 1990 title-winning squad?

The question is: have you really been watching them all their career?

Yep, we all know one of “those” people. The ones that lurk around the internet, usually under the guise of their favourite player, splurging out complete and utter nonsense in an attempt to convince the masses that they are indeed the greatest fans of all time.

For those particular individuals and all you other self-proclaimed Liverpool fans, here at Football FanCast, we have a test for you. A brainteaser designed to separate the Reds from the strawberry blondes, the Kop regulars from the basement dwellers.

Delving into the Academy archives and beyond we’ve conjured up 25 questions on some of Liverpool’s most iconic graduates and youngsters, the answers of which we imagine you’d only know if 1) you spend too much time on the internet or 2) have somehow pre-empted the introduction of our cognitive crucible and have been studying harder than the GCSE mathematics exam you took more years ago than you care to admit.

Indeed, this Liverpool quiz ranges from questions on household names like Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard to some of the lesser-Liverpool-associated talents to emerge from the Anfield outfit's academy - think Conor Coady and Martin Kelly.

And while we aren’t handing out prizes for the highest achieving amongst you, those who conquer our challenge can go to work tomorrow in the knowledge that you’re better fans, people and quiz takers than your less cerebrally endowed comrades.

And lets be honest, who doesn’t want that on their resume? Simple answer – to possibly the easiest question you’ll face over the next few minutes – no one.

Without further ado, sink your teeth and brains into our quiz, Liverpool fans - and don't forget to share all your scores on social media so you can make your fellow Reds very, very jealous.

Article title: Liverpool academy graduates: 25 questions for real fans only

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