Obscure Liverpool players: How many can you name?

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Who is this former Liverpool player?

Jurgen Klopp works with a pretty tight ship at Liverpool nowadays, but before he flexed his iconic glasses on English soil the six-time champions of Europe were somewhat charitable when it came to handing appearances out to, shall we say, lesser players.
Yep, it doesn’t seem all that long ago that Roy Hodgson and co were splashing the club’s hard earned cash on just about anything their hands could impulsively grab a hold of. And while that presented a bit of a problem back in the day – before Liverpool, you know, got good again – their transfer dealings created an opportunity for us here at Football Fancast. So, being the group of super intellectuals that we are, we’ve devised a quiz designed to test the memory bank of all those brave enough to step into the arena alongside us, the contemporary Chris Tarrant’s of the footballing world.
We’ve scanned the internet far and wide and rubbed our heads together to create a list of the most forgettable yet memorable faces from Liverpool’s Premier League years (if that makes sense). Indeed, this quiz is an opportunity for you to look back on your past and be thankful about your current situation (as if you weren’t enough already). It’s a chance to remember certain obscure players, who would normally only ever crop up on pub quiz machines designed to steal your hard-earned cash and reminisce about the one time they made the bench against Port Vale. Heck, you might even remember seeing some of the following candidates knocking about the city and making a conscious effort to avoid their gaze in case they thought you actually wanted a picture with them or something.
Should you find yourself achieving full marks, make sure to tell your friends and rub it in their faces.

Article title: Obscure Liverpool players: How many can you name?

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