How much do you know really about the Premier League? Quickfire questions on last 10 years…

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Who became only the fourth player in history to represent two relegated teams in a single Premier League campaign?

Ah, a good old Premier League quiz.

First question: would we be exaggerating things if we argued that the English top-flight is perhaps the greatest competition that the universe has ever seen and will ever see, boasting unparalleled entertainment and sporting wizardry other vastly inferior channels could only dream of producing? A) absolutely not B) definitely not c) absolutely definitely not.

Indeed, there are no alternatives to the beautiful game. Baseball? Nothing better than sitting around for five hours waiting for someone to run in a circle. We’ve got cricket for that. American football? Football by name but not by nature. Another sport riddled with breaks and a tedious yardage system. You won’t find Jamie Vardy slurping on Skittle vodka Stateside. He’s our king and saviour.

With that being said, there’s simply no excuse for not watching and remembering absolutely everything that has ever happened in the Premier League (particularly the last ten years).

This decade of Premier League brilliance has gifted us some truly special moments, and between Sergio Aguero’s winner against Queens Park Rangers win the title, Steven Gerrard’s slip, Leicester City’s coronation and Neil Warnock’s altercation with a cameraman, we expect at least a couple of things have stuck around in the old memory bank. And if they haven’t, it’s probably worth mentioning now that you might struggle over the course of the next 25 questions – and the rest of your life as a fan.

With it being the end of the decade and all, we’ve decided that the best course of action for our loyal readers is to devise a quiz, one which will separate the armchairs from the terrace regulars and the glory hunters from the die hard fans. Who knew Football Fancast had so much power?

Yep, that’s right. Us wise few have scanned the Premier League history books with one simple objective in mind: sourcing questions for you readers to sink your brains into when you’re either bored at work or sat at home watching the television, wishing the weekend would arrive.

Article title: How much do you know really about the Premier League? Quickfire questions on last 10 years…

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