Quickfire questions: How well do you really know the Premier League?

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Home to Burnley FC, when was Turf Moor built?

How well do you really know the Premier League? That’s the real question…but not the only one.

Are you a fair-weather fan or are you a full-time, die-hard fan who lives and breathes your club? Do you have a generic white duvet, complete with generic white sheets or have you forced your partner to sleep under a red blanket dedicated to the one and only David Beckham, complete with an Old Trafford themed bed topper?

Or better still, is your only relationship with your club? Do you wear a suit to work like every other city-dwelling chum or do you insist on sporting your first-ever full kit, complete with shin pads and boots?

Boasting to your friends at the pub that you’ve recently achieved full marks on Football FanCast’s super cool, challenging quickfire quiz is guaranteed (sort of) to earn you a reputation amongst your fellow football-loving peers.

Like Charlie when he discovered the golden ticket in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you’ll sprint to your local watering hole, push your drinking buddies’ pints to one side and slap down the freshly snapped screenshot of your score - and we’re (fairly) positive you’ll be treated as a god amongst men from that point on.

The friend that buys a round will stand up and slowly start clapping, just like in the movies, and the rest of the pub will join in.

You’ll become the quizmaster general from that point on, a title that will see you banned from every pub quiz within a 5000 miles radius.

But of course, that's all dependent on you getting full marks in Football FanCast's quickfire quiz, which is much easier said than done.

From Gareth Barry's appearance record to David Beckham's transfer fees, expect a truly holistic test of your Premier League knowledge.

Article title: Quickfire questions: How well do you really know the Premier League?

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