Fans react on Twitter to latest Arsene Wenger future hint

It’s one of the most regular stories that comes up pretty regularly in the Premier League as once again Arsene Wenger is at the centre of speculation surrounding his future.

Arsenal have endured another season of familiar false dawns with the last few weeks seeing them crash out of the Premier League title race and all but eliminated from the Champions League by Bayern Munich.

Indeed, for many, it’s just too much for Wenger to be able to stay on and many would like him gone now before things get potentially worse.

Wenger, though, still hasn’t made a decision on his future, but it now appears as though he’ll either be at Arsenal or nowhere come next season – as per Sky Sports on Twitter.

For many, then, that’s come as the Frenchman essentially saying that he wants to stay with the Gunners and, naturally, in light of what’s happened recently, people are having a field day on Twitter.

Here’s some of the best of what’s been said: