Arsenal fans can’t stand Wenger at the club any longer after Liverpool rout

Arsenal suffered a second English Premier League defeat in a row on Sunday at Anfield, but it was the manner of the loss that will leave a lasting bruise on the club and their supporters.

Liverpool dismantled and destroyed the Gunners in a 4-0 rout that will be difficult to bounce back from, especially as they head into a long international break to dwell on their shortcomings.

The Reds were superior in every department from attacking prowess to tactics and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger could do little to stop his team ship two goals in either half.

After signing a two-year deal at the end of last season, Gunners fans were hoping for a fresh start and a new outlook on their team from the long-serving manager but he has not adapted in any sense and it seems to be costing the club more and more by the week.

It’s clear that Arsenal fans, even reasonable ones who respect the Frenchman, have had enough and they’ve taken to social media after the performance to plead with the club to make the ruthless decision that will steer them in a new direction…