Aston Villa fans less than enthused by latest transfer news

Aston Villa supporters did not give the desired response when the club announced some new transfer news.

The Championship outfit have handed a new one-year contract to 22-year-old goalkeeper Brad Watkins.

With the fans eager to see some new faces arrive at Villa Park, they were not particularly excited by this particular announcement.

One high-profile character who has been linked to the Midlands outfit is former Chelsea captain John Terry.

It seems as though some of the supporters are even more determined for the club to land the defender due to Birmingham City’s interest.

The Blues’ manager Harry Redknapp recently told talkSPORT that his club have given Terry a “good offer” to join them.

As it stands, the ex-England captain has not yet made up his mind about which club to play for.

Some Villa fans were hopeful that Thursday’s transfer announcement was about the Chelsea legend, but they were disappointed.