Rangers fans would love Steven Naismith back at Ibrox

Earlier today we discussed the possibility of Steven Naismith returning to Ibrox after a report in The Express said he was open to a move to Rangers.

The 30 year old attacker has had the best of seasons at the Canaries, failing to really hold down a regular spot in the side and scoring just five goals across the English Championship campaign.

Naismith won six trophies at Ibrox in his spell at the club before leaving acrimoniously in 2012 to seek a career in the English Premier League.

The Scotland international now faces being without a club with Norwich reported to be willing to come to a mutual agreement with him in order to free up wage resources.

Despite not exactly leaving in the good graces of Rangers fans five years ago, many of the Ibrox loyal are willing to put them behind them and welcome him back.

He is still a quality player of course and the club needs all the help it can get right now.

Supporters took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the move…